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Swimming at the Y!

At the Lawrence County YMCA, we believe that learning how to swim is a crucial skill for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a fun summer activity to do with the family, a new way to get healthy, the chance to join a team to compete, or to learn a life-saving skill, we offer something for everyone. 

Our swimming options for the whole family include learn-to-swim classes for infants to adults, water exercise classes, a variety of swimming lessons, and competitive swim teams. You’ll also find traditional family open swim and lap swim times for both leisure and exercise.  

All YMCA aquatics programs are conducted under the supervision of certified lifeguards and trained instructors. We have enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure a safe environment for all. Learn more about our swim programs below! 

Swim Lessons

Swim Starters (Parent-Tot)  

Accompanied by a parent, infants & toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness skills through confidence building experiences. Parents will learn about water safety, drowning prevention, and the importance of supervision. This program is for children that are 6 months old to 3 years old.  

Swim Basics (Skippers)  

Swimmers develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water. This stage lays the foundation that allows for a swimmer’s future progress in swimming. This program is for children that are 3 years old to 5 years old.  

Swim Basics (Water Stamina)  

Swimmers learn how to swim to safety from a longer distance than in previous stages in the event of falling into a body of water. This stage also introduces rhythmic breathing and integrated arm and leg action. This program is for ages 6 and up.  

Swim Strokes  

Swimmers will work on stroke techniques and learn all major competitive strokes. The emphasis on water safety continues through treading water and sidestroke. This program is for ages 6 and up.  

Private Swim Lessons 

The Lawrence County YMCA offers one-on-one private swimming lessons to help you or your child achieve your swimming goals! Private lessons are 30 minutes long and provide individual support and training for swimmers of all ages.   

Adult Swim Lessons  

Adult lessons teach beginners basic swimming skills, water adjustment, and water safety. More advanced adults are instructed on improving their swimming abilities by developing better stroke techniques and increasing endurance. 

Swim Exercise

Silver Splash  

Silver Splash offers shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. A special SilverSneakers kickboard is used to develop strength, balance, and coordination: no swimming experience is necessary. If you are looking for a strength-building aquatics program, this is the class for you.  

Water Aerobics  

This water exercise class includes a refreshing warm-up, active aerobic training, and a calming cool down. Water aerobics builds strength, flexibility, and mobility in shallow water. 

Arthritis Program  

This group program improves joint flexibility and reduces pain and stiffness through a series of exercises done in the shallow water.  

Back Program  

This group program uses a variety of water-based exercises to increase physical activity among adults with back issues. 

Swim Teams

Silver Sharks Swim Team 

The Lawrence County YMCA hosts professional, experienced, and trained coaches to lead our Silver Sharks Swim Team. Practices are held in the evening throughout the week and practice groups are set up by level and interest. The Silver Sharks swim team provides a positive and competitive environment for swimmers ages 5 to 18 years old.  

  • Head Coach: Karen Nord – [email protected]    
  • Assistant Coach: Sean Murphy  
  • Assistant Coach: Al Dorsch  

Masters Swim Team 

The Masters Swim Team is open to adults ages 18 and older who are looking to improve their fitness through the sport of swimming. Workouts are two times a week and focus on speed, endurance, and technique. 

Contact Us Today

For more information about our swim programs and all things aquatics, please contact our Aquatics Director, Anita Murphy, by emailing [email protected] or by calling 724-658-4766 ext. 221! 

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